Learning While Working (LWW)

Learning While Working (LWW) is an initiative through the Co-op program that allows students to gain a year-long, professional work experience while earning credits to reduce the time of the normal co-op plan to 4-4.5 years. OPP has built partnerships with co-op employers to hire cohorts of students for full-year continutious co-op experiences. While working, students may enroll in online courses during each of the three academic periods for which the student will be registered for co-op.

Students will complete for-credit engineering projects which will be integrated into the work experience. These projects have company mentors as well as Purdue faculty mentors.

Online courses are another way for LWW students to reduce graduation time during their one-year work experience. OPP has compiled a list of online courses students registered for during the 2021-2022 academic year, linked below. Students interested in online courses should always check availability in MyPurdue.

Online Course Reference List

For questions, contact Patrick Francis (pmfranci@purdue.edu).

Sample LWW Academic Schedule