Interns for Indiana IFI

We are connecting entrepreneurially-minded Purdue University students to Indiana startup and early stage companies in order to promote economic development, enhance student success and provide professional opportunities to high performing students.

The program is open to all undergraduate students with a 2.8 GPA or higher. Graduate students are not eligible to participate. Opportunities will be available for students in STEM and non-STEM disciplines.

Internship opportunities will be offered during the summer. Students will work for a minimum of 10 weeks on a full-time (40 hours per week) basis. Students will register for ENTR 39699 Interns for Indiana Experience. Students completing all course deliverables will receive a $6,000 scholarship from the Lilly Interns for Indiana Endowment. 

Projects for 2021:

arduino device

The Milk Bank: In-person internship in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Milk Bank provides pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) by prescription or physician order to hospitals and outpatients throughout the US. Premature and ill infants in hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are the highest priority.

1 Position Available
Relevant for: IE, ECE, BME, Statistics, Data Mine, Nursing, and Pre-Med

Position description and application link here

blinky circuit

Adipo Therapeutics: Hybrid Internship in Indianapolis, Indiana

Adipo Therapeutics is a company developing a breakthrough treatment for obesity and diabetes that acts by converting energy storing white fat into energy burning brown fat.  

2 Positions Available
Relevant for: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Pre-Vet, Pre-Med, IE, ECE, BME, Krannert Entrepreneurship Certificate

Position description and application link here

homemade smartwatch

VizyPay of Indiana: Remote internship

VizyPay is a financial company, a merchant services provider specializing in payment processing solutions for small to medium sized business. We offer a host of services for small to medium sized business including free equipment, industry leading payment terminals, local support and access to working capital. We run a campaign called "Look Local First," which encourages consumers to really make shopping local a lifestyle, conserving more resources in our communities.
2 Positions Available
Relevant for: Marketing, CIT, CGT, Business Management, Selling and Sales, Krannert Entrepreneurship Certificate

Position description and application link here

biomedical device

Rogo Ag LLC: Hybrid internship in Wolcott, Indiana

Rogo is a quickly growing Ag-Tech company headquartered in Wolcott, IN, that exists to help farmers get more consistent soil samples to ultimately apply their fertilizer more efficiently. We do this by applying robotics to the soil sampling industry in a way it has never been done before. In 2020, we sampled over 300,000 acres across 9 states with a fleet of 13 robots becoming one of the largest autonomous operations in row crop agriculture.

Our team respects each other deeply, while at the same debating ideas fiercely to get to the best solution.  At Rogo, a growth mindset trumps knowledge and actual results trump effort. You will immediately have the opportunity to make a monumental impact and grow yourself on the Rogo Team!

2 Positions Available

Relevant for ECE, CS, EE, Agriculture

Position description and application link here

python coding

Heliponix: Hybrid internship in Evansville, Indiana

Heliponix manufactures the GroPod© Smart Garden Appliance that grows contactless, fresh produce in your home any time of year. An aeroponic appliance combined with a G-Pod™ seed cartridge subscription plan is the next generation of indoor hydroponic farming that is decentralized by placing the point of production at the same point of consumption. The result is Pure Produce™, grown in your home that requires no distribution, storage, pesticides, or preservatives. Our “Keurig for food” business model allows users to customize the quantity and type and quantities of the G-Pod subscription from our vast vendor network easily accessible on our platform.

2 Positions Available
Relevant for ECE, CS, ABE

Position description and application link here

3D printed plane

Moonshine Leather: Hybrid internship in Nashville, Indiana

Moonshine Leather Company is a family owned leather goods business with 15 employees and family members in the tourist town of Nashville, IN.  Our mission is to make high quality leather goods with as many USA made materials as possible.  We are working to improve the methods and machinery needed to improve our efficiency.

1 Position Available
Relevant for IE, ME, Supply Chain & Ops

Position description and application link here

GD&T diagram

Neurava LLC: Hybrid internship in West Lafayette, Indiana

Neurava LLC is a medical device company located in West Lafayette, IN aimed to help patients with uncontrolled epilepsy take back control of their lives. SUDEP, or sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, is a terrible risk faced by 65 million people worldwide and nearly 3.5 million Americans that all suffer from epilepsy. With nearly 4,000 deaths occurring each year from SUDEP, 101,000 years of potential life are lost annually, which is second only to stroke. There is currently no device on the market that monitors SUDEP risk. To tackle this unmet need, Neurava is developing N1, the first-of-its-kind SUDEP risk detection device and algorithm. This non-invasive, patent-pending, wearable device will monitor key physiological signals for dysfunctions associated with SUDEP and provide a fundamental peace of mind to epilepsy patients and those that care for them.

2 Positions Available
Relevant for ECE, EE, ME, BME, CS

Position description and application link here

FEA visual

Inari Agriculture: In-person internship in West Lafayette, Indiana

At Inari, we’re working to transform the global food system: From sustaining population growth, to building the population’s health. From minimizing environmental damage impact, to creating a positive change for the planet. And from exploiting those who feed us, to building wealth for those rural communities.

2 Positions Available
Relevant for Agriculture, EE, CS, ECE, Statistics, and Data Mine

Position description and application here