Interns for Indiana (IFI)

Here at the Office of Professional Practice, we are connecting entrepreneurially-minded Purdue University students to Indiana startup and early stage companies in order to promote economic development, enhance student success and provide professional opportunities to high performing students. Opportunities will be available for students in STEM and non-STEM disciplines.

How it works:

  • Internship opportunities will be offered during the summer.
  • Students will work for a minimum of 10 weeks on a full-time (40 hours per week) basis.
  • Students will register for ENTR 39699 Interns for Indiana Experience.
  • Students completing all course deliverables will receive a $6,000 stipend from the Lilly Interns for Indiana Endowment. 

The program is open to all undergraduate students with a 2.8 GPA or higher.* Graduate students are not eligible to participate. International students in First-Year Engineering will not be eliglble to participate in Interns for Indiana due to CPT restrictions. 

Employer applications are now open. Apply here.


Entrepreneurially-minded students are encouraged to apply for IFI internship opportunities. Employers are currently submitting proposals and job postings will be made in December 2023.

ENTR Interns for Indiana Experience

Credit Hours: 0.  Internship work experience through Interns for Indiana Program with cooperation of participating employers. Students will complete online deliverables and complete an employer evaluation. Through a mutual selection process, students may be placed as interns with entrepreneurial companies. Placements are determined through a screening process by the employer based upon students skills and experiences gain through their major fields of study. This program fulfills a capstone requirement for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. Permission of instructor required. 



IFI employer project proposals for Summer 2023 are now open. Interested employers can apply here. Decisions on accepted employers will be made by December 2, 2023.