The Office of Professional Practice offers many classes that help students prepare to participate in our programs and complete their plans of study. Below, you will find each course that is offered by the office along with a description that details what to expect out of each course.

OPP Courses


This course will introduce students to semiconductor technology and the broad range of opportunities within the semiconductor industry. Speakers from some of the largest companies in the world including Apple, Tesla, Intel and others will engage students on a weekly basis. Students in the course will develop their personal networks while being presented with resources and opportunities to prepare for exciting careers within the semiconductor industry. Topics covered include logic microprocessors, sustainable manufacturing processes, auto industry, digital healthcare technology, memory technology and more.

This course is open to all students in the College of Engineering, School of Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Physics & Math.

Spring 2023 Flyer - Intro to Semiconductors


This course is available to First-Year Engineering students and aims to prepare students for successful co-op or internship experiences. In the course, students will develop a resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, interview skills and a LinkedIn profile. They will have the opportunity to connect with engineering student mentors who have already gained professional experience. Additionally, students will hear from several industry speakers on topics such as organizational culture, building a professional networking, creating effective working relationships, working effectively across cultures and more.

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This course will serve to enhance students professional development and prepare course participants for careers in the tech industry and Silicon Valley. This is an embedded Spring 2022 course with travel over spring break to network with employers and Purdue alumni in Silicon Valley. Students will complete assignments to enhance their professional skills and have the benefit of hearing from several industry speakers to develop an understanding of how to successful compete for opportunities in the tech industry. This course is geared toward first and second year students.

Spring 2023 Flyer - Intro to Silicon Valley & Tech Industry 

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This course will serve to enhance career development in the pharmaceutical industry. Speakers will regularly attend sharing on different topics to inform and prepare students for interns, co-op positions and jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This course is geared toward FYE and sophomore engineering students, in addition to BSPS students, as well as other majors from the College of Science, and College of Engineering. 

Spring 2023 Flyer - Intro to Pharma Careers & Drug Development


The United States Departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security play important roles in ensuring the security of our nation. These agencies ensure safety in transportation security environments; organize, deploy and supply our military; maintain stewardship of our nuclear arsenal; and develop and deploy our cybersecurity strategies, among setting the vision for advancing state-of-the-art solutions for pandemics, computing, energy, climate, and other advanced engineering challenges. There is an impending shortage of domestic U.S. talent and future workforce for addressing critical skills in these areas. As result, there are new opportunities for Purdue students to learn more and establish exciting and fulfilling careers in this sector. As part of Purdue’s national security priority, we are deepening our relationships with all of these agencies. This one-credit seminar course will feature presentations by Purdue faculty and invited world-class researchers who work for the Departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security. These presentations will introduce topics related to the complex intersection of engineering, policy, and government research, and will demonstrate the many exciting opportunities Boilermakers have to work on these topics.

The course will be taught in synchronous, online mode, which means online discussions will be led by researchers from the Army Research Lab, Sandia National Labs, and the Department of Homeland Security.

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This course will introduce students to the technology and innovation that impacts the future of our communities. Intended topics include space habitats, electrification of roadways, the design and inspection of infrastructure (using AI, VR, machine learning, etc.), environmental disasters and public health, automation systems for buildings, and more! Speakers from companies such as Johnson Controls, Collins Engineers, Thornton Tomasetti, and others will guest-lecture on how technology and innovation will impact the way we live. Students in this course will develop their personal networks while being presented with resources and opportunities to prepare for exciting careers.

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The Office of Professional Practice is excited to offer a 1-credit professional development course specifically for the inaugural class of Lilly Scholars during the Fall 2023 semester. All Lilly Scholars are encouraged to enroll to engage in weekly seminars led by industry partners and professional staff designed to introduce a variety of career readiness tools for Lilly Scholars at Purdue.

Fall 2023 Flyer - Lilly Scholars

As mentioned in the Lilly Scholars Program Outline for Cohort #1, all Lilly Scholars are encouraged to enroll.


These courses are available to engineering and polytechnic students participating in Purdue’s co-op program. Students can take a seminar course immediately upon return from a co-op work session. Students will network with other co-op students, share and learn about work experiences. Students will also focus on topics relevant to their professional development./p>


This course is required for students participating in the GEARE program. Students take this course prior to the international study abroad or internship experience. Students will be introduced to students with previous international experience, prepare for the logistics of travelling abroad and will begin working on global competency development. This course meets a requirement for the Global Engineering Studies Minor.


This course is required for students participating in the GEARE program. Students take this course online during their international experience. Students will participate in activities designed to increase their engagement with the local culture and reflect upon their experiences. They will be paired with cultural mentor at Purdue who will provide feedback and support throughout their time abroad. This course meets a requirement for the Global Engineering Studies Minor.


This course is required for students participating in the GEARE program. Students take this course after completing their international experience for the GEARE program. Students will serve as mentors for students enrolled in ENGR 29700. They will share and learn about international experiences from fellow students in the course and continue developing their global competency skills. Students will summarize their experiences through poster or multimedia presentations. This course meets a requirement for the Global Engineering Studies Minor.


Students will complete an engineering project with global organizations or students from international partner institutions. The work may be completed remotely or in-person. Completion of this course will fulfill a requirement for the Global Engineering Studies Minor.

ENGR 39697 Industry & Global Design Projects Fall 2022 (3 Credits)

These projects provide students the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team comprising of students from Purdue University and an international partner university to tackle real world problems related to engineering, transportation, energy sustainability and economic prosperity in a global context. Students will learn about the challenges and cultural implications of working with students and faculty from a different culture, as well as to be involved with extensive project planning, management and design evaluation. In connection with a gloabl partner university and across different cultures & languages, students will work in teams with faculty and peers to plan, dseign, conduct and evaluate engineering solutios to a prescribed problem. Completion of a Global Design Project fulfulls the GEARE GDT requirement and the Global Engineering Minor requirement. Projects are organized as 3 credit hours in fall.



This course covers design of didactic and recreational material for students with a range of disabilities including accessibility and regulatory considerations. The project aims to impact local communities in the Midwest with the guidance and mentorship of GE Appliances engineering teams. Partner location: GE Appliances, U.S.A.

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This course works with Siemens, a world leader in automation in industry and infrastructure to sponsors projects for engineering students worldwide to address upcoming industry challenges. Topics include smart cities, smart infrastructure through sensor integration and IoT connectivity. Partner Location: Germany

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*You can still take part of the experience if your GEARE language is different; language matching is a plus.