Graduate Co-op Program

The Graduate co-op Program is a two-year, Cooperative Education program where students will receive an degree based on their chosen discipline and a Cooperative Education certificate. By providing a work integrated learning program, the students who graduate from this program will not only meet all of the degree requirements, but will also have significant graduate-level industrial experience within a profession of their choice.


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  • Students must be admitted to the graduate program at Purdue University under the current regulations for admitting students in their chosen discipline.
  • Students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA while participating in the program.
  • Students must satisfy all course and degree requirements for the program in their chosen discipline, which include required math and seminar courses and typically 30 total credit hours. The 30 credit hours are to be completed in three years or less.


A significant salary is paid for all assignments, and students can earn up to 100% of a bachelor's starting salary.


Students must register for a zero-credit course during each work session for which there is a Professional Practice student registration fee. This fee entitles students to a full-time academic status and guarantees that this program is transcripted. This fee does not include student activity fees. Normal tuition and fees are charged only when students conduct academic terms on campus.