Academic Internships

Internships are generally 10-12 week full-time work experiences where students can build skills related to their academic discipline. Purdue students may earn recognition for their summer internships via enrollment in an internship course during their work experience.  Internship courses are available in most academic programs at Purdue, and include a 0-credit option. The 0-credit option is free of charge. Students should consider registering for an internship course during their experience because

  • The experience will be validated by Purdue and will appear on the student’s transcript of record
  • Students will be supported by a Purdue internship supervisor during the experience, who can provide students with advice should they encounter difficulties
  • Course assignments will help students articulate their growth and create a record of the experience useful for future resumes and interviews
  • Students will receive an evaluation from their employer supervisors to aid with professional development
  • Engineering students who enroll in internship or co-op courses have the opportunity for additional recognition based upon performance including awards such as Purdue Engineering Intern or Co-op student of the year.
  • Students registering for their internship will assist Purdue in collecting information about the internship experience. Data collected related to salary and benefits will be useful to all future students when negotiating salary with their internship employers. Students will also have the opportunity to rate their work experiences and this information will be shared with prospective students.

What To Do When You Get an Internship

Your academic advisors or department's co-op coordinator can help you register for the correct internship course within your major.