Current Co-op Student Semester To-Do List


Before you leave for your work session, you must complete your class registration form for the campus term following your work period. You must also register for the co-op work session course.


You will receive a bill for the co-op fee each semester you are at work. This fee is so that you will remain listed as a full-time student with the Registrar’s Office. You will receive a bill for tuition each semester you are taking classes.

Current fees are listed on the Bursar's site under the current year.


Communication is a key element to a successful co-op program. Current contact information is essential. Avoid misdirected information, late registration, missed opportunities, and a variety of other unnecessary aggravations by keeping your address current.

As soon as you know your new address and phone at your work location, make sure to log in to the X Engine and update your address for our records. You must also update your address once you return to campus.

You still need to change your address through myPurdue ;to update it with the registrar's office, as X Engine is not linked to their system.

Find full instructions to complete this step here.


Complete the Work Session Record & Evaluation Form to rate the overall quality and value of your work session. Your co-op Coordinator must receive an evaluation form after each work session. Please follow the deadlines given by the co-op Coordinator in your discipline.

Employers must also complete an evaluation form to rate your performance for each work session. Employers may use their own form or the co-op Student Performance Appraisal. Please follow the deadlines given by the co-op Coordinator in your discipline.


Complete a work report near the end of each work session. A work report, signed by your employer supervisor, must be submitted to your co-op Faculty Coordinator on a schedule specified by the co-op Coordinator in your discipline.