Rithika Athreya

Rithika Athreya is a 5th-year senior in chemical engineering employed in a 5-term co-op. She has completed four co-op terms with Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, OH, and one internship with L’Oreal USA in Clark, NJ. Rithika has worked as a beauty research and development engineer, completing terms in Personal Care, Skin Care, and Hair Care departments. She has performed product research, formulation, process engineering, and data modeling roles.

Rithika has been an OPP TA since August 2022, TA-ing for ENGR 103: Introduction to Professional Practice and ENGR 103: Introduction to Silicon Valley and the Tech Industry. Additionally, Rithika currently serves as the President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and previously held the role of External Vice President. She works to connect ChE students with faculty, industry, and the community.

Rithika is a College of Engineering Ambassador and member of the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, Omega Chi Epsilon ChE Honor Society, and John Martinson Honors College. She has engaged in two interdisciplinary undergraduate research projects (ChE/BME and ChE/Engineering Education). Lastly, she has participated in a Maymester program in Singapore studying bio-inspired materials!

In her free time, Rithika enjoys catching up with friends, trying new foods, and watching skincare and make-up videos.