Learning While Working

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The College of Engineering & The Office of Professional Practice are working with companies to develop a new co-op model that we are calling Learning While Working (LWW).

Students can earn a co-op certificate for completing a one-year continuous full-time work experience.  Companies participating in the program will be notified that students will plan to take a minimum of 3 credits online during each of Purdue’s academic semesters. Over time, the OPP office will work with each of the Engineering Schools and other academic departments to develop a consistent list of courses that will be offered each semester.

The typical Purdue co-op program would result in 12-20 months of full-time work experience, and would take 5 years to graduate. The ability to take additional relevant coursework online during the work experience will allow students to reduce time to graduation to 4.5 years or possibly 4 years dependent on the credits earned.  For this program, we are targeting 2nd year students with a significant amount of credit on their transcript.

While we are still building the infrastructure, we are hoping to pilot this program with students who would be interested in year-long work experiences starting either in June or August. We are developing these type of opportunities with the following companies: 

  • Apple
  • Bastian Solutions
  • Cummins
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Multi-Dimensional Integration
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Roche
  • Rolls Royce
  • Tesla
  • Wayfair

Sample Academic LWW Schedules