Learning While Working (LWW)

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The College of Engineering & The Office of Professional Practice are working with companies to develop a new co-op model called Learning While Working (LWW).

Students can earn a co-op certificate for completing a one-year continuous full-time work experience.  The intention is to develop academic courses for students to take online while participating in a co-op experience to reduce the time to graduation from 5 years to 4.5 or 4 years. OPP is building partnerships with co-op employers to hire cohorts of students, and while working, students will take a 3-credit course online during each of the academic periods for which the student is registered for co-op.

Students will complete for-credit engineering projects which will be integrated into the work experience. These projects will have company mentors as well as a Purdue faculty mentor.  

Online courses are another way for LWW students to reduce graduation time during their one-year work experience. OPP has compiled a list of online courses students registered for during the 21-22 academic year. Students interested in online courses should always check availability in MyPurdue

Online Course Reference List

Sample LWW Academic Schedule